Making the scientific literature for advanced of the formation to base of the computer simulation models.

МРНТИ 28.23.11                                                                                  №1 (2019г.)


Lutfillayev M, Eshimov R.


The research question of this article is the education system organization on the basis of computer-generated simulations.The authors developed the original computer-generated simulations on the subject of the 7th grade “Physics “, ”Basic concepts of kinematics.” The works of various authors devoted to the improvement of the educational process, including homeschooling, are listed. Software capabilities for showing some kinematics processes, which are displayed on the computer screen based on computer simulationsare described. . The proposed simulation models allow children with disabilities to gain knowledge and skills both at school and at home. A total of 72 computer simulation models were developed on the subject of “Physics” , 7th grade.
Keywords: Inclusive education, methodological system, computer simulation models, distance learning of disabled person, Stellus, Share Point Lms.



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