Solving physical modeling tasks using a supercomputer

МРНТИ 28.17.31                                                                                   №1 (2019г.)


Baenova G.M., Zhumadillayeva A.K., Gumilyov L.N.


The purpose of work is consideration of questions the use of modern high-performance systems and technologies for the solution of computing tasks in various sectors of economy and production. As the main objective distribution of electromagnetic waves in the inhomogeneous medium is taken. Such problems are successfully solved by numerical methods but more difficult analytical ones We have simulated FTDT as the most suitable for high-performance calculations, in a package of MEEP established on the supercomputer of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. The received results show high precision of calculations and also a possibility of search of new problems, a possibility of statement of other experiments with the choice of new environments for distribution of electromagnetic waves.
Keywords: computing devices, supercomputer, modeling, OpenMP, HPC


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