Investigation of the influence of technological parameters of rolling process by the screw-shaped roller on the plasticity resource of brass mark L63

МРНТИ 53.37.13                                                                                №1 (2019г.)


Mashekov S. A., Tussupkaliyeva E. A., Urazbayeva R.E., Mashekova A. S.


This article presents a new technology for the production of flat products from brass with a fine-grained structure. In work the screw-shaped condition (VAT) of a preparation at rolling in spiral-shaped rolls is investigated. The finite element method and the ANSYS-LS / DYNA program yielded quantitative data and established the main regularities of the distribution of VAT and temperature in the computer simulation of rolling in screw-shaped rolls with different number of passes. The rational regimes of deformation of blanks in screw-like rolls are determined, allowing a uniform distribution of the accumulated deformation to obtain bands of high quality without disrupting the continuity of the material.
Keywords: brass Л63, flat products, rolling, stress-strain state, numerical modeling, intensity of stresses and deformations



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