Chickens and probiotics and sorbent



Pskhatsieva Z.V., Kairov V.R., Bulatseva S.V.

The possibility of using a probiotic and a sorbent, either alone or together in the feeding of an agricultural bird, is considered. The paper presents the results of studies on the use of the probiotic “Sporothermine” and the sorbent “Kovelos-Sorb” on broiler chickens “Ross-308”. It has been established that the introduction of probiotic and sorbent into the feeds individually positively affects the economic-useful signs of broiler chickens. But the best results were obtained with the combined introduction of sorbents and probiotics into the feed: the digestibility of feed nutrients improves, the live weight and poultry safety increase, the weight of heavy metals decreases, and as a result the microbiocenosis of the intestines improves, the organoleptic evaluation of meat and broth improves, the cost of feed for a gain of 1 kg of live weight, the profitability increased by 6.1%.
Key words: broiler chickens, probiotic, sorbent, blood serum, microbiocenosis, heavy metals, profitability.


МРНТИ. 68.39.37, 65.55.37                                               №2(2018г.)

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