Influence of technological feature of grain of rice on quality of grain

ІRSTІ 65.29.03                                                                                         №4 (2018г.)


Ongarbayeva N., Zhiyenbayevа S., Eleukenovа K.N., Batyrbayeva N.


The article presents the results of studies of the quality characteristics of rice grains and cereals. In the course of the research, their organoleptic, physicochemical parameters were evaluated and their interrelations were determined. As the samples studied, varieties grown in the Kyzylorda region, such as Marzhan, Yantar, Leader, Novator, were sampled. Based on the processing of research data, the following positives were established: positive correlations between filminess and the yield of the whole nucleus, the exit of the stitch with the yield of the cereals, with the yield of the crushed core, trechinose. Identified during the study, the relationship between the indicators suggests that it is possible to take samples for better performance and better product quality.
Keywords: rice, cereal, technological properties, cereal yield, whole kernel output, quality signs.

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