Development of the sinbiotik for feed additives on the basis of the brewing and spirit industry wastage

МРНТИ 65.09, 62.09.39                                                                    №1 (2019г.)


Chizhayeva А.V., Dudikova G.N., Velyamov M.T., Potoroko I.Yu., Alimkulov Zh.S., Butyrkina N.P., Velyamov Sh.M., Kurasova L.A., Zhumaliyeva T.M.


The problem of application of secondary resources as sources of forages is often bound to the fact that processing and tuning wastage is perishable raw materials. The objective of this research – creation preparation of sinbiotic on the basis of lactic acid bacteria allowing to improve sanitary state, to prolong storage life and to increase quality of forages on the basis of a brewing, spirit wastage. On the basis of domestic strains of lactic acid bacteria we created probiotic consortium and developed sinbiotic preparation, having antagonistic properties against the sporous bacteria and mold fungi polluting components of feed additives and compound feeds. Introduction of the sinbiotic in feed additives allowed receiving new domestic, quality and safe probiotic fodder product that can replace grain raw materials as a part of compound feeds and improve a sanitary condition of forages.
Key words: sinbiotic, lactic acid bacteria, feed additive, beer pellet, spirit grain stillage.


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