Coal deposits as a reserve source of synthetic hydrocarbon fuel

МРНТИ 52.35                                                                                       №1 (2019г.)


Maydukov G.L.  


Abstract. The article is devoted to the problems of exhaustion of natural reserves of hydrocarbon fuel and the possibility of using regional coal deposits as a reserve source of synthetic fuel for their replacement. The coal production is briefly described in the context of the technical potential of the fuel and energy balance of the state, the purpose of publication is formulated. In the process of sequential analysis of modern underground mining technology, the mechanism of atmosphere formation in mines is described in detail under the influence of a change in the mountain mass unloaded from geostatic pressure and ways to prevent the formation of dangerous concentrations by degassing mine workings. In order to determine the probabilistic dependence of the discharge of atmospheric air supplied to the mine on the basis of statistical data of mines, the author established the empirical dependence of the minimum boundary of the volume of the flow of supplied air from the load on the cleaning face. Based on the results obtained, the distribution of excavation sites in the mines of Donbass is given, depending on the concentration of methane in the gas-air mixture of degassing units. In conclusion, the possibilities and ways of diversification of coal deposits, methane accumulations in karst and porous rocks as a reserve source of gas and oil substitution in the regional fuel and energy balance with equivalent synthetic fuel are shown.
Keywords: coal, mine methane, degassing, synthetic fuel, gas content



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