Forecasting and prevention of homogeneous geomechanical catastrophe on operational quarries (new technology).

МРНТИ  52.13.23                                                                               №1 (2019г.)


Igizbaev R.K., Igizbaev M.K., Igizbaev K.B.


The authors have developed a theory of homogeneous geomechanical catastrophes in operational quarries and methods for their prediction and prevention, which have no World analogues, the purpose of which is to provide:  the safety of the clean-up work during the design of intermediate and final contours of slopes of the ledges and slopes of the pit walls;  the ecological and economic efficiency of the mining enterprises, with the justification of increasing its stable intermediate and final angles of slopes of the ledges and slopes of the pit walls, as a result of which the volume of overburden works decreases. The authors developed a new technology with the definition of new opening schemes, mining method, technical measures to prevent homogeneous geomechanical catastrophes, associated with: changes in the directions of axes sinking works and the development of the front of a mining work, which will be easy to implement in the conditions of mining enterprises. Technical solutions have been developed to eliminate the consequences of the manifestations of geomechanical catastrophes that have already occurred at mining enterprises.
Keywords. Slope, ledge, board, forecast, prevention, sliding grid, geomechanical accident.

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