Steam condensation in the atmospheric moisture and condensation processes in fractured and karst reservoir rocks

ІRSTІ  87.35.29                                                                                              №4 (2018г.)


Shestakov F.V.


This article reviews the main scientific publications on atmospheric moisture condensation and condensation processes in fractured and karst reservoir rocks. Analysis of the results of experiments and observations showed that the recommendation previously proposed by the scientists on not taking into account condensation component in balance calculation, is untenable and it needs to be clarified and finalized. Experiments and regime observations in the Crimea and other parts of the CIS showed that water of condensation of fractured and karst reservoir rocks can be the most important source of fresh water because of its renewability. Therefore, exploration and development of water of condensation in fractured and karst massifs must be considered one of the important tasks, the solution of which will improve the water supply in many regions of Kazakhstan. The discovery of the negative impact of water of condensation on the development of karst in frozen rocks makes it possible to solve the ecological problems of these regions in a new way. To conduct research at different altitudes on cliffs were installed devices for measuring humidity, temperature, pressure. Indications from these devices were being taken for a week. However, in connection with the restructuring, the financing of these interesting and important works was discontinued. The study of steam condensation of and condensation processes in fractured and karst reservoir rocks is particularly important for the karst areas of Kazakhstan (Uluchur, Susingen plateau, etc.), where the condensation component of water resources (according to preliminary data of the Institute of Geology of Academy of Sciences of Kazakh SSR) may have a major role. Keywords: Atmospheric moisture condensation and condensation processes, karst, condensation sources, balance formula of Dublyansky,, renewable resource of fresh water, steam condensation in fractured.



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