Ecology of Kazakhstan (Part 1)

Vasilyanova L.S., Cozbagarova G.A.


The article describes the environmental situation in Kazakhstan at present. In the article are shown the main sources of pollution of air, water and soil: mining and processing industry; launches from the Baikonur cosmodrome and getting into the environment of toxic rocket fuel; radioactive waste from uranium mining companies and nuclear test sites. Publications of Kazakh scientists on modern high-performance methods of analyzing of pollutants and their influencing natural ecosystems and human health were analyzed. The problems of pollution and protection of the environment were considers in the following environmental aspects: water treatment, hazardous waste management, land reclamation, disposal of radioactive waste, assessment of pollution from rocket fuel. The article may be useful for specialists working in the field of industrial ecology, water treatment, agriculture, biology and medicine.
Keywords: environment, pollutants, water treatment, agriculture, radioactive waste, rocket fuel.

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