On the need to develop the concept of global environmental problems of the Caspian sea

ІRSTІ 87.19.02                                                                                        №4 (2019г.)   Shustov A. I., Ogar N. P., Kysykov V. A., Popov N. N., Gorbunova N. F. Development of “Concept of the Caspian Sea Global Environmental Problems” is hereby proposed. This concept is based on understanding that the Caspian Sea basin is a single natural system subjected to anthropogenic impact, in greater…

Increase of ecological safety by modeling the stability of dams

ІRSTІ 06.71.03                                                                                      №4 (2019г.) Aldungarova Tulebekova А., Baimakanov   N. For an environmentally safe construction industry, it is necessary to develop new technologies and apply building materials that will minimize the anthropogenic pressures on natural ecosystems. In order to protect water bodies from harmful chemicals, it is necessary to take special measures and arrange environmentally safe…

Researches of soils of animal and economic activities of the ecological zone of the Kazakhstan Aral

ІRSTІ 87.03.00, 68.01.94                                                                    №3 (2019г.) Asylbekov B.Zh.,Suleymenova М.Т., Khalila А.,Ermekbayeva, R.Zh., Маshirip Т.А.   In the Republic of Kazakhstan, environmental management in the system of agricultural production remains one of the main problems of environmental science. It is time to revise many aspects of the system of environmental management and environmental engineering, especially in the…

The ecological condition of the lake «Burabai» at the state national natural park of «Burabai»

ІRSTІ 87.31.91                                                                                       №3 (2019г.)   Kurmanbayeva A.S., Khusainov A.T., Zhumay E. The article considers of the research of ecological condition of lake Burabai State at the national natural park “Burabai”. The authors study the dynamics of water volume for 30 years and the index of water pollution for 10 years, the hydrochemical composition of…

Influence of unsymmetrical hydrazine on seed germination, growth and on anatomical parameter seedlings of wild plant species

МРНТИ 87.15.03, 34.29, 34.31.31                                                     №1 (2019г.)   Agapov O.A, Fedorina OA, Atygaev AB, Uteulin KR, Zheksenbai A, Kazkeev D., Aldasugurova Ch.Zh., Kurbatova N.V.     The effect of soil samples contaminated with asymmetric dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) on seed germination, growth and anatomical parameters of seedlings of wild plant species was investigated. The stimulation of seed germination and…

Development of the scheme for ecological inspection of the space rocket emergency falling places

МРНТИ 87.15.03                                                                              №1 (2019г.)   Agapov О.А. , Bolshakova N.A. , Stepanova Yе.Yu. , Zhubat K.Z. , Atygayev A.B.    For scientific and methodological providing for ecological assessment of emergency consequences of space rocket (SR) missiles launches in the Kazakhstan territory, the scheme of the emergency sampling of natural environments immediately after SR emergency falling is first created. The…

Steam condensation in the atmospheric moisture and condensation processes in fractured and karst reservoir rocks

ІRSTІ  87.35.29                                                                                              №4 (2018г.)   Shestakov F.V.   This article reviews the main scientific publications on atmospheric moisture condensation and condensation processes in fractured and karst reservoir rocks. Analysis of the results of experiments and observations showed that the recommendation previously proposed by the scientists on not taking into account condensation component in balance calculation,…

Microbiological contamination of regional potato varieties during cultivation in the northern region of Kazakhstan

№3 (2018)   Seitalykyzy K., Dyuskalieva G.U.,  Velyamov M.T.   “Study of bio microbiological contamination of regional potato varieties, at the stages of cultivation and technical ripeness obtained from the economy of the northern region of Kazakhstan. It has been established that the Sartorius PCP membrane filtration method can be used for monitoring microbiological studies…

Ecology of Kazakhstan (Part 2)

МРНТИ 87.01.21                                                                           №3 (2018г.)   Vasilyanova L.S., Cozbagarova G.A.   The article describes the environmental situation in Kazakhstan at present. In the article are shown the main sources of pollution of air, water and soil: mining and processing industry; launches from the Baikonur cosmodrome and getting into the environment of toxic rocket fuel; radioactive waste…

Matrix preliminary assessment landscaping large cities of Kazakhstan

Nysanbayev Y.N., Mukanov B.M., Bukeykhanov A.N., Mambetov B.T., Maysupova B.T.


Assessment of the state of greening of large cities of Kazakhstan, as a
natural complex, includes the work on the level research scheme proposed by the
Almaty branch of “KazSRIFA”. On the basis of the analysis of the actual state of
greening of the cities of Kazakhstan, existing LA (legal act) in the presence of perspective
design of development of greening of city territories taking into account
world experience the complex assessment of the differentiated indicators (criteria)
of an assessment of greening-for all categories of the cities, including their ecological,
economic and social aspects was developed and systematized.
Keywords: level of gardening, general indicators, impact scale, matrix.