Study of immune response stimulation mechanisms at introduction of viral antigens in combination with triterpen saponin

ІRSTІ 34.25.23                                                                                                     №4  (2018г.)


Turmagambetova A.S., Alexyuk P.G., Alexyuk M.S., Zaitseva I.A., Omirtaeva E.S., Sokolova N.S., Bogoyavlenskiy A.P., Berezin V.E.


Adjuvants are substances that stimulate the immune response after introduction of an antigen into the organism. Studying the mechanisms of immune response stimulation with the use of adjuvants allows not only to better understand the patterns of development of the immune response upon ingestion of an antigen, but also has great practical importance, since it is the basis for the creation of more effective vaccine preparations. During the study, it was learned the mechanisms of stimulation of the immune response by purified triterpene saponin from the Saponaria officinalis plant with the introduction of a viral antigen. On the model of expression of some genes responsible for the development of inflammatory reactions (IL-1), innate (CXCL1, TNF) and adaptive (IL10) immune response, it was shown that the triterpene saponin as an adjuvant can stimulate all three immune response elements, with inflammatory reactions followed by stimulation, both innate and adaptive immune response.
Key words: immune response, gene expression, immunostimulant

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